What To Expect

Small Planet’s Velocity team quickly became a natural extension of the parenting and pregnancy brand’s internal design structure.

“Small Planet’s straightforward approach led to a highly-collaborative partnership that made them feel like part of the in-house team.”

  • UX Research
  • Design
  • Figma

Design leadership

Through extensive user testing and UX design, Velocity designers helped make What To Expect’s health tracking app a beautiful, meaningful user experience.

We oversaw testing of new features from start to finish, setting goals and objectives, analyzing results, then translating all the data into recommendations for the final product.

Empathetic UI

Design is a difficult thing to let people outside of your brand work on. Can you trust someone else to care about your values as much as you do? Can an outside team convey those values to your users in the right way tonally and emotionally?

For over a decade, our designers have worked with major wellness and healthcare organizations, earning that trust by designing interfaces that make sense for humans first.

They lead with empathy, not just when implementing brand guidelines but when handling sensitive information about behaviors and goals.

UX research and animation

Our designers created clickable prototypes to gather valuable feedback on how users would engage with the app at various stages of their pregnancy journey. 

We did extensive usability testing for feature enhancements, ensuring that data, not assumptions, informed the final product design.

After several rounds of prototypes and animation sequences, we created design specs for handoff to the development team.