Stoney Clover Lane

Stoney Clover Lane is a lifestyle brand that sells personalized accessories to a young, social media-savvy customer.

At Stoney Clover Lane’s brick-and-mortar locations in New York, California, and Florida, customers benefit from a high-touch, luxury retail experience. Small Planet infused the website with that same in-store, “fun luxury” aesthetic.

  • Design & Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Shopify
  • AWS

We interviewed stakeholders to find out more about their workflow

After evaluating Stoney Clover Lane’s business goals, user needs, and site usability, we surveyed over 450 real customers, evaluating their comparable e-commerce experiences — especially those with customization features. We took that research and sketched out a plan for the redesign.

Sales went up nearly 200% in 2020*

Purchasing a “one-of-a-kind” product is an essential part of Stoney Clover Lane’s in-store experience, so we created a completely new, frictionless customization process on web and mobile.

Customers can choose their product, select a color, drag and position preferred patches, and easily edit their tailor-made items to their exact specifications without starting over.

*Why Stoney Clover Lane Leaned Into Retail In 2020

Our technical solutions went way beyond Shopify’s default capabilities

The site pushed our UX and development chops in unexpected and rewarding ways. We focused first on brand consistency, optimizing the customizer, and ensuring the site was fully responsive.

We also designed a new site structure to simplify browsing and filtering, and built a simple frontend for a complex backend, enhancing product organization and navigation.

The fulfillment process was dramatically improved.

We integrated essential Gift Hint and Save for Later features, and completely reimagined the Cart page and functionality, dramatically improving the checkout process.

Fulfillment is now much faster and more accurate for the Stoney team.