Stephanie Gottlieb

Stephanie Gottlieb Fine Jewelry, known for their highly-personalized luxury accessories, engaged us to elevate the online experience for their customers.

Stephanie Gottlieb Home Page

A site with more features, built to handle higher traffic.

We helped Stephanie Gottlieb build a beautiful, completely-redesigned retail site on Shopify. Our designers and developers built a simple frontend for a complex backend, and found inspired design solutions for technical complications.

  • Design & Development
  • Enterprise
  • Shopify
  • AWS
  • NetSuite

Over 65 unique customizer experiences for over 500 products

Highly-customized gifts for bridesmaids, baby showers, anniversaries, and birthday parties are an essential part of Stephanie Gottlieb’s online offering.

We made it easy for customers to duplicate items, make custom tweaks (like a person’s initials), and select unique gift wrapping and personalized notes for individual products within a larger order.

We created an experience that lets customers choose item, color, size, charm, and engraving options with zero complications.

Pushing the limits of the Shopify platform

Our biggest development challenge? Continually finding ways to solve for new requirements and use cases due to the level of variation required by Stephanie Gottlieb’s large inventory.

The site is reflexive, allowing customers to make changes, do-overs, and additions seamlessly. It’s an environment that encourages visitors to stretch their creativity and experiment with styles and options.

We built product search and filtering that goes way beyond what’s included in the default Shopify store, figuring out solutions that are not “out of the box.”

Custom experiences informed by deeply collaborative design

The Stephanie Gottlieb team came to us with a beautiful site design and UI. Our designers worked with them every day to refine the design, make UX recommendations, and prepare it for our developers.

With so many ways to customize a product, the design process required constant tweaking and finetuning in order to make the customer experience feel right.

Vastly-improved fulfillment workflow.

The customizer was built for customers, but also provides the data required for enhanced fulfillment: faster processing of orders, better customer service, easier inventory tracking, and more.

We also created a comprehensive roadmap for implementing new feature sets and longer-term improvements.

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