Every industry has its own language, but when you’re building a digital experience the right way, you need to translate that language so everyone can understand.

Music publishing giant ASCAP engaged us to do the responsive mobile and web redesign of their music royalties service Songwize, but also wanted us to completely rethink how it communicated its core offering.

  • Web and Mobile Design
  • Content Strategy
  • CMS Integration
  • Sitecore

A content strategy challenge

Songwize helps music publishers with direct license deals navigate the confusing, overwhelming process of administering royalties fairly, accurately, and on time. 

Small Planet solved the content strategy challenge by simplifying the messaging for royalty administration, a complex business offering even for industry insiders. We had to find the best way to tell the Songwize story both visually and editorially.

We threw out common assumptions about what publishers, writers, and digital service providers know and don’t know, streamlining the user journey so even people with widely varying knowledge of music royalties can understand how it all works.

Reducing complexity wasn’t just about content

The design for both web and mobile incorporated many interactive modules that needed to be translated across different screen sizes for a universal, consistent experience. 

There’s a clear, concise narrative as you travel through Songwize across different devices, and we incorporated consistent brand elements throughout.

The new Songwize experience is concise and colorful, expertly balancing creative vibrancy with the “business” side of the music business.

Easy updates on a brand new CMS

We integrated the new website with an existing Sitecore content management system (CMS) and backend.

The flexibility of the Sitecore platform provides a lot of functionality, and the CMS provides a great graphical user interface for ASCAP’s content editors and marketers to quickly and easily update content on the site without reliance on a developer.

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