Penn Entertainment

The Challenge

Accelerate development and QA, create marketing and corporate materials, and design easy-to-use internal tools for the CMS.

Dive into an incredibly fast-paced environment, and managing the complexity of working with multiple products, rolling out at different times in new markets.

The Outcome

An intuitive online betting app released in multiple states, outstanding corporate marketing tools, and easy-to-use internal tools for the client’s team.


iOS Development
Android Development
KMM Development
UX/UI Strategy
Design System Creation
Art Direction


Kotlin Multiplatform


A new era means new competition

Online sports betting is a deeply competitive environment, and the race to get mobile wagering to consumers is measured in days, not months.

Penn Entertainment’s Barstool Sportsbook is a web and mobile tool (native iOS, Android, and Vue) used by sports bettors to see odds, access video and editorial content, and place bets.

States have safeguards intended to protect consumers, so mobile apps must be tailored to comply with different regulations. That means flexible tech teams working on multiple products, rolling out at different times in new markets.


Immediate boost of development and QA expertise

Through Velocity, Small Planet’s flexible resourcing service, we gave Penn on-demand access to our senior talent and expertise. Our developers, designers, and QA engineers joined the existing team within days.

The Velocity model provides our partners with complete flexibility, as Penn maintains the right to scale and realign staff at any time.


No HR burden

There’s no HR burden, no lengthy vetting process. All Penn has to do is turn the dial up or down depending on the help they require at any given time.

We were able to respond to their resourcing needs dynamically throughout the first year of the engagement. Our project lead worked closely with Penn to manage resourcing priorities, and regularly presented qualified candidates within 2 weeks of the request.


Leading Kotlin + Swift implementation

We’ve been trusted to provide strong, senior, reliable resources to Penn, and our senior team members are responsible for major phases of product development and QA.

Many of our Android developers were deployed specifically to the emerging Kotlin Multiplatform team.


Designing behind the scenes

So much design thinking goes into what happens behind the scenes, and we built clean, beautiful web experiences strictly for the use of Penn’s product and marketing teams.

We designed new features for the app’s content management system, making it much less clunky and much more efficient.

We completely redesigned the backend’s tables, search, sort and filter, pagination, form fields, error states … things a customer never sees, but a stakeholder works with every day. Also, it’s now much easier to upload content, images, and icons into the CMS.

Our design work also extended beyond the Barstool app. We helped redesign Penn’s external-facing site from the ground up, working with their copywriters and creative team to redefine how visitors (and job-seekers) think about the brand and the quality of work that Penn does internally.

Our designers worked with a UX copywriter to generate all-new content, then created wireframes after an audit that included brainstorming, stakeholder interviews, workshops, and initial buy-in with the stakeholder team.

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