The Challenge

Freeport needed design, development, and QA support to tell the full story of the brand on the home page.

The Outcome

The new landing page matches the brand’s overall aesthetic and clearly defines opportunities for consumers, and the new design helps increase conversion for waitlist signups.


Design production
Front-end development
Quality assurance




Democratizing access

Freeport is a blockchain-friendly platform that democratizes access to rare pieces of fine art by offering fractional investments that almost anyone can purchase.

Tokenized on Ethereum, Freeport’s tagline is “Invest in physical. Collect in digital.” Their barrier-breaking mission is to help people participate in an asset class that has outperformed the S&P 500 over the last 25 years.

Freeport conducted a survey to determine ways in which their website’s landing page may increase conversions. Who’s visiting the Freeport website, and why? Is there a clear path to participation? Do they understand Freeport’s story and mission?


Implementation and integration

We used that data to redesign and help implement the landing page of their marketing website,, in order to increase sign-ups for the Freeport waitlist.

Visitors now know immediately that they have the chance to invest in exclusive pieces of culture and history, and that investment offerings are reviewed and qualified by the SEC.

We integrated easily into Freeport’s ecosystem, meeting tight deadlines for both design and development. Freeport’s in-house development team reviewed code and gave feedback based on best practices, sharing how they will implement new features going forward.


A new visual direction

Founded in 2022, Freeport is a young company with a very fresh visual style guide. We proposed a new visual direction while remaining in continuity and working within the framework constraints.

We delivered a wireframe, a landing page in Figma, a mini style guide, the prototype for desktop and mobile, and a bonus detail page.

Elements like the navigation and footer, which shift in nuanced ways around invited customers, needed special care. We used Tailwind CSS to style and animate complex designs, threading global components and variable business rules into one cohesive look.


How it works

Potential investors can now easily see how Freeport differentiates from competitors, and the art can be viewed in a 3D gallery on the landing page.

A simplified “How it works” section breaks down the steps of investing with Freeport, and new sections with details and photos tell a compelling story behind each piece of art. The visuals and text flow together perfectly, giving a clear picture of what Freeport does and how investors can participate.

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