We designed and developed an iOS app for Alyvant’s pharmaceutical sales representatives.

This beautiful app transcends the less-than-stellar expectations typically associated with enterprise apps; namely, that they’re boring, buggy, confusing, and poorly designed.

Pharmaceutical company Alyvant needed a mobile tool that would provide reps with a dynamic, custom dashboard of their clients, allowing them to efficiently target the most valuable health care providers at any given time.

  • Design & Development Enterprise
  • Swift
  • MongoDB Realm
  • Okta
  • Apple Business Manager
  • Microsoft InTune

Sales reps can manage the entire cycle of engagement.

Reps can plan out call planning, office visits, next steps, follow-ups — and prioritize visits to providers based on factors like receptiveness and time since the last drop-in. On their devices, they are able to quickly call up professional insights (“early adopter of therapeutics”), personal notes (“loves the Knicks”), and education and training. New Zoom integration makes it easy to hop on meetings straight from the app. Sales reps can also view the providers on the map and arrange visits based on location and proximity.

How do you build something that sales teams will actually use?

We started by doing a ton of user research and interviewing all the stakeholders. The sales reps, the doctors, the managers … everybody.

The user profiles we created during the strategy phase shaped every element of the app, from the intuitive UI to the key success criteria.

Our research gave us free rein to chuck out all the assumptions about what people might use and focus on the optimum amount of critical physician information needed, while still incorporating Alyvant’s data-informed and patient-centric vision.

We built the entire UI/UX from scratch to optimize workflow and maximize sales.

We partnered with Alyvant’s back-end team to prioritize server-side and database services.

We also used MongoDB Realm to manage offline app usage and data synchronization, and integrated Okta for secure user authentication. We distributed the app through Apple Business Manager, and integrated with Microsoft InTune for MDM enterprise use. We also created a Japanese version!