How did we bring Aetna’s holistic wellness program to market on schedule? By understanding how to manage stakeholders, budgets, and technologies.

Aetna’s Activehealth platform needed a complete refresh of its core web and mobile activities in order to increase member engagement.

  • Design & Development
  • UI and UX
  • QA

Leadership for a cross-functional team

ActiveHealth’s main purpose is to enroll Aetna members in a health improvement and behavior change program. Using rewards and level-based progress, the app can hopefully help members achieve positive, lasting change in their lives.

SP: Velocity producers managed the entire workflow against real-world timelines, including workshops, requirements-gathering, iterations, and setting priorities for the development team.

Data-driven UX

After gathering strategic consensus with internal stakeholders, we created a new UI and a general visual design of the app, using designs, wireframes, and interactive prototypes to test concepts. 

The SP: Velocity design team restructured the entire navigation, flow, and general UX of the app considering multiple personas with different points of entry into the flow, and different scenarios based on sets of ailments and/or diseases.

Inclusive design and visual QA

SP: Velocity overhauled everything from health and wellness dashboards to goal tracking to incentives and rewards.

We created an entire library of illustrations to dynamically feed the Activities section, and made sure the app followed Level 2 AA WCAG usability guidelines.