Small Planet today announces the launch of Velocity, a new flexible resourcing service offering companies on-demand access to Small Planet’s senior talent and expertise when they need it the most.

Velocity can help existing, internal product teams add new features to mobile and web experiences and incorporate new technologies into their offerings, release new products to market on time, expand to other digital platforms, or perform critical QA tasks.

Scale up or down

Velocity’s senior developers, designers, and QA professionals can onboard quickly to help build out iOS, Android, Full Stack, and Shopify products. Business cycles shift quickly, so clients can scale up or down as needed with no lengthy commitments.

“We’ve heard loud and clear from a number of clients looking to scale rapidly and fill talent gaps in their cross-functional product teams,” says Small Planet founder and CEO Gavin Fraser. “They already had established teams, so they didn’t necessarily need end-to-end agency services to build something from scratch. But they did need additional help in order to meet their delivery timelines. Velocity is the perfect way to meet that demand for flexibility.”

Technical expertise

Velocity resources are embedded into internal teams but remain Small Planet employees, easing the hiring and administrative burden on the client. In addition to technical expertise, Small Planet brings a wealth of experience working in sectors as varied as retail, e-commerce, health and wellness, entertainment, gaming, education, insurance, banking, data analytics, and more.

“Because Small Planet is first and foremost a product design and development shop, there’s an additional layer of knowledge and support backing up the Velocity experts embedded into a client’s team,” says Michael Seidler, Head of Growth for Small Planet. “The model isn’t about throwing bodies at a project, it’s about adding a level of experience and value far beyond what traditional staff augmentation models offer.”

Learn more about Velocity here or contact us to see how Velocity can help your company.

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