This month Small Planet made a big move to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and it is so exciting to be in a space where so much is going on.

First, let’s go back. Way back. The Yard was established in 1801 and served as a naval shipbuilding facility for 165 years. During World War II, 70,000 people worked there, and today the Yard is a resurgent center of urban manufacturing and innovation in New York City. 

This one-of-a-kind ecosystem spans 300 acres along Brooklyn’s waterfront. Movie studios, breweries, R&D labs, artists, manufacturers, retail brands, and creative agencies all make their homes here. Now, so do we. 

Our new building, Dock 72, is a state-of-the-art creation rising up like a ship on the shore’s edge. Small Planet’s office overlooks the docking bays where some of the most famous ships in history were built, and offers stunning views of New York’s most iconic buildings and bridges.

There are conference rooms, outdoor decks, food and drink options, meeting nooks, workout facilities … plus the NYC ferry even pulls up to the back of the building.

Like many companies, our idea of an office has changed over the last few years, because of, y’know, everything. While we’ve embraced remote flexibility for all of our employees, having a home base is still a priority.

Our founder and CEO Gavin Fraser was immediately taken by the new location. “The unique and inspired energy at the Yard, and at Dock 72 in particular, really grabbed me and others from the Small Planet team,” he says. “We look forward to many years of new adventures headquartered in one of NYC’s most stunning workspaces.”

We approach digital products with the same care and precision as our new neighbors, many of whom are artisans who work on hand-made products made of carbon, wood, and glass. Small Planet’s culture and community are the reasons why our work is so good, and now we’re in a beautiful space that celebrates that.

We can’t wait to show off our new digs. We’ve already started meeting the neighbors, and we’d love more visitors. Drop us a line and we’ll set up a time to give you the tour (and buy you bagels).

Our New Address

Small Planet
One Dock 72 Way, Suite 6A
Brooklyn, New York 11205

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