Building things the right way.

For over a decade our developers and designers have been creating websites and apps used by millions of people. Brooklyn is our home for work (and play). But from L.A. to London, Atlanta to the Adriatic, we’ve added global points of view to our process.









How We Work

Everyone has a voice

We work in small, senior, deeply collaborative teams that are assembled based on each client’s specific needs. Every team member has a voice that’s heard at every phase of product development, and all ideas are received with attention and respect.

Fearless Honesty

No matter what we’re building, we focus on honoring the user. Using a combination of experience and thoughtful research, we’re fearlessly honest about what works and what doesn’t, and what’s necessary and what’s not.

Embracing Transparency

We’re transparent and straightforward about cost, staffing, timelines, KPIs, choice of technology … everything. Clients are encouraged to be highly involved in daily communication, so they know exactly where things stand with the product at all times.

Wide-ranging Experience

We solve problems in unique ways, in part because of the incredible range of our professional expertise, which includes game design, machine learning, finance, biomedical engineering, animation, environmental sustainability, theater production, and much more.

Communicating Clearly

We’re professional, and we pride ourselves on being approachable and open. We eschew jargon, communicating clearly and openly about everything we work on, and we’re very good at finding elegant solutions to thorny problems.

Getting Things Done

We know how to deliver products on time and on budget, but always with an understanding of how devices and users can evolve in interesting, unexpected ways.